0. Salsa Camp 2024 Easter Tour

Invitation all Cuban Salsa Lovers
Join the Salsa Camp in Cuba 2024, Easter Tour from March 15 to April 1! - And give yourself a unique 15-day Cuban dance vacation to Havana, Trinidad & Santiago - With the very best that Cuba has to offer in Cuban, salsa, son,cha cha chá, mambo, bolero, cubaton, rumba and afro - Spiced up with lovely Cuban music, culture, history and nature experiences!

Max. 20 seats! / First come, first served!
You can sign up now here at www.salsacampevents.dk

See Day-to-Day-Program at the bottum

See highlights from the Salsa Camp in Cuba 2019 Easter Tour in Havana here

About the Tour-organizing
Son Camp in Cuba 2024 Easter Tour is organized by Salsa Camp Events Travel Agency in collaboration with the Cuban dance school partners in:

Havana:   Karelia Despaigne & Tierra Kaliente, Geldys Morales´ dance group & Marisuri´s dance school
Santiago: Yanek Revilla's ABC Dance School, Sabor DKY & friends.

About the tour program
You can look forward to a fantastic tour program, where you get maximum time and opportunity to boost your Cuban salsa dancing skills and to enjoy and get under the skin of the Cuban salsa dance and music culture and the people of Cuba.

The tour program is organized as a round trip of 15 full days from Havana to Trinidad to Santiago, where we land in the Western Cuba in Varadero/Havana and fly home from Santiago/Holguin in the Eastern Cuba, so the travel time in Cuba is a little as possible. The 15 full days are divided into 6 days in Havana, 2 days in Trinidad and 6 days in Santiago, as well as 1 travel day from Trinidad to Santiago. I, thus:
Overview tour program March 15 / April 1.
15.03:.....................................Travel day Denmark-Germany-Cuba
16.03-21.03............................Dance, culture & social program in Havana
22.03-23.03............................Sightseeing, culture & relaxation - and beach program in Trinidad
24.03:.....................................Travel day Trinidad-Santiago
25.30.03…….………………Dance, culture & social program in Santiago
31.03-01.04............................Travel day Cuba-Germany-Denmark

See the Day-to-Day tour program at the bottom of the page.

The tour is further planned with two main activity program blocks in Havana and Santiago and a relaxation block in Trinidad. Where you can give it full speed with dance lessons, cultural and social excursions in Havana & Santiago and relax, swim and hang out in Trinidad, which is a really nice historical former "sugar town" with lots of nice buildings, culture, music and good places to eat as well as delicious beaches and beautiful mountains with lovely waterfalls for excursions and more.

On the bus tour from Trinidad to Santiago de Cuba, which takes place in a very comfortable Chinese tour bus, you will also have the opportunity to form a better impression of Cuba's nature, geography and differencies. The tour lasts approx. 12 hours and we make historical and cultural stops and dance along the way!

About the dance and culture program
The dance and culture program includes 16 hours of dance workshops with Cuban partners divided into 8 hours of dance workshops in Havana and 8 hours of dance workshops in Santiago. All this combined with a super nice bouquet of social dance activities, parties, concerts, dance shows, beach trips, cultural excursions and the opportunity to do private lessons as well as cultural and social activities on your own.

A typical day in the dance and culture program will look like this:
09.45-10.00: Morning meeting
10.00-12.15: Dance workshops
12.15-14.00: Lunch
14.00-17.00: Free time for own private lessons, culture and social activities
18.00-21.00: Dinner and free time
21.00-24.00: Joint dance activities or the opportunity to create your own activities

About dance levels, teaching and dance partners
You register for the dance program according to your dance level in Cuban in salsa and Cuban: Intermediate, advanced , very advanced.

The dance program will include the teaching in Cuban salsa, son, cha cha cha, mambo, bolero, cubaton, rumba and afro as well as body -and footwork, etc. Depending on the group's preferences, it will be possible to request more salsa or more son.

The dance lessons take place in the level-divided groups led by a Cuban instructor-couple, and each participant has a Cuban dance assistant.
You can look forward to meeting some of the best dance assistants in Havana and Santiago who have a dance background as primarily trained educated dancers or trained street dancers.

The dance program also includes private lessons in dance, percussion and music in all the Cuban dance styles you want.

(The specific dance program is in preparation...)

About Casa Particulares
You will be accommodated in some of the best large casas particulares in Havana, Trinidad and Santiago, located close to each other and close to the center and the main dance, concert and cultural venues. So you are able to reach almost all program activities by walking around in the city.
Some of the casas particulares have large roof terraces, where it is possible to arrange joint dancing and social activities.

About the price
The price for Salsa Camp in Cuba 2024 Easter Tour Havana-Trinidad-Santiago is:
26,700 DKK / 3,470 euro for a double room

28,700 DKK / 4,730 euro for a single room.
(It is taken into account that there may be price increases due to the situation in Cuba)

The price includes:
- Flight tickets & visa, Condor group travel, Copenhagen-Frankfurt-Holguin/return
- Bus Varadero-Havana
- Bus Havana, Trinidad, Santiago
- Bus Santiago-Holguin
- 16 nights incl. breakfast in large Casa Particulares in Havana, Trinidad, Santiago
- 16 hours of dance workshops with Cuban dance assistants
- Cultural workshop about dance history & musicality understanding in Havana & Santiago
- Sightseeing with introduction to Havana, Trinidad & Santiago
- 4 welcome and farewell parties in Havana & Santiago with Cuban dance assistants
- 2 beach trips with Cuban dance assistants
- Social dancing with expenses paid for Cuban dance assistants at announced joint parties and activities.
- Offers on excursions and cultural excursions with a tour guide based on the needs and wishes of the participants
- Super service - Incl. support for planning your own excursions & activities
- Minimum 16 & Maximum 20 participants

Not included in the price:
- Lunch and dinner
- Cancellation insurance & Travel insurance

Registration and payment
You register here on the www.salsacampevents.dk website, after which you will receive an email with confirmation and bank details to pay the registration fee of 3,000 DKK / 390 Euro.

You are fully admitted as a participant, when the registration fee has been paid.
The rest of the travel payment will be divided into two equal installments, with the first installment to be paid no later than December 7. 2023 and the second installment no later than 1 February 2024.

Cancellation and refund
If you cancel before 1 February, you will receive a total refund minus the registration fee of DKK 3,000 / 390 Euro.

I look forward to meeting you all for an amazing Salsa Camp in Cuba 2024 Easter Tour!

If you need further information, please feel free to contact me:

Best Salsa Camp in Cuba greetings
Carl Nielsen
Salsa Camp Events Travel Agency
+45) 2323 5728 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Member of the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund (3236)


              Draft 1: Day-to-Day-program: Havana / Trinidad / Santiago                            Salsa Camp in Cuba 2024 - March 15 - April 1
                        Havana - March 15-21
Day 1:         Friday March 15 - Travel Day
04.40: Check in Copenhagen Airport
06:40-08.10: Departure Copenhagen and arrival Paris with Air France 
10.45-17.05: Departure Paris and arrival Varadero Airport.
18.00-21.00: Bus-tour from Varadero Airport to our casas particulares in Havana Centro near Hotel Lincoln.
21.00: Instalation in casas particulares
Day 2:       Saturday March 16 - Havana
08:00-13:00: Relaxing morning activities
14.00-14.30: Wellcome at Mairisuri dance School with Tierra Kaliente, Geldys Morales & Marisuri Dance School
14:00-15:00: Common dance classes 1
15.15-16.15: Common dance classes 2
18.30-20.00 Dinner at a nice restaurant
20.00-23.00 Wellcome party with dance assistants
Day 3:       Sunday, March 17 - Havana
07.00-08.30 Breakfast
09:45-10.00: Morning meeting Marisuri Dance School
10.00-11.00: Common dance class 3
11.15-12.15: Common dance class 4
12.15-14.00: Lunch
14.00-17.00: Sightseeng Havana
18.00-20.00 Dinner time 
21.00........: Dance- and night activities Restaurant 1830 with dance assistants
Day 4:        Monday, March 18 - Havana
09.45-10:00: Morning meeting at Marisuri Dance School
10.00-11.00: Common dance lessons 5
11.15-12.15: Common dance lessons 6
12.15-14.00: Lunch time
14.00-17.00: Free time with the possibility of private dance lessons, culture and own activities.
18.00-20.00 Dinner time 
21.00........: Dance- and night activities
Day 5:        Tuesday, March 19 - Havana
09.45-10.00 Morning meeting at Marisuri Dance School
10.00-11.00 Common dance lessons 7
11.15-12.15 Common dance lessons 8
12.30-14.00 Lunch time.
14.00-17.00 Free time with the possibility of private dance lessons, culture excursions and own activities.
18.30-20.00 Dinner
21.00........: Dance- and night activities with dance assistants
Day 6:      Wednesday 20 - Havana
07:00-08:30 Breakfast
08.30-23.00 Free time with the possibility of private dance lessons, culture and own activities.
Day 7:      Thursday 21 - Havana / Santiago
07.00-08.30 Breakfast
08.30-19.00: Free time with the possibility of private dance lessons, culture and own activities.
19.00-23.30 Goodbye Party with dance assistants
                          Trinidad - March 22-23
Day 8:       Friday March 22 - Havana / Trinidad
07.00-07.45: Breakfast
08.30-12.30: Departure Havana - Arrival Trinidad 
12.30-15.00: Lunch & instalation Casa particular
15.00-17.30: Sightseeing Trinidad
18.30-20.00: Dinner
18.30-20.00….....: Night dancing activities
Day 9:       Saturday March 23 - Trinidad
07.00-08.30 Breakfast
08.30-18.00: Free time own activities: Beach tour, culture excursion, hang out in Trinidad etc.
18.00-20.00: Dinner
20.00….....: Night dancing activities
                   Santiago - March 24-31
Day 10:     Sunday, March 24 - Trinidad / Santiago
07.00-07.45: Breakfast
08.15-20.00: Bus-tour Trinidad - Santiago
20.00-21.00: Instalation in Casa particulares
21.00….....: Posibility night dancing activity (Casa de la Trova)
Day 11:     Monday, March 25 - Santiago
07.30-08.30: Breakfast time
10.00-10.30 Wellcome & Presentation
10.30-11.30 Common dance lessons 1
10.45-12.45 Common dance lessons 2
12.45-14.30: Lunch time
15.00-17.30: City-Walk with Yanek Revilla
19.00-21.00: Welcome dinner
21.30-23.30 Welcome social dance party with Cuban assistants
Day 12:     Tuesday March 26 - Santiago
07.00-07.45: Breakfast time
08.00.-08.30: Meeting at Plaza Dolores
08.30.-09.30: Beach tour to the El Caleton Beach with instructors and dance partners
10.00-11000: Common dance lessons 3 
11.15-12.15 Common dance lessons 4
12.30-14.00: Lunch time at the beach
14.00-17.00: Beach fun with the possibility of private lessons.
17.00-17.45: Departure and bus tour back to Santiago
19.00-21.00: Dinner time
21.00........ Possibilty: Santiago Night dancing activity
Day 13:     Wednesday March 27 - Santiago
07.30-08.30 Breakfast
09.45-10.00: Morning meeting with Yanek Revilla ABC-Dance School
10.00-11.00: Common dance lessons 5:
11.15-12.15: Common dance lessons 6:
12.30-14.00: Lunch time
14.00-17.00 Free time with the possibility of private dance lessons, culture and own activities.
19.00-21.00: Dinner & pre-party Casa Don Carlos 
21.00.......... Possibilty: Santiago Nigh Dance activities
Day 14:     Thursday March 28 - Santiago
07.00-08.00: Breakfast
08.15-10.00: Departure Parque Dolores - Beach culture Tour to fishertown Chivirico
10.00-12.00: Beach, dancing & culture activities
12.00-14.00: Lunch
14.00-17.30: Beach, dancing & culture activities
18.00-20.00: Dance & dinner see-food buffet
20.00-21.30: Departure Chivirico - Arrival Santiago
Day 15:     Friday March 29 - Santiago
09.45-10.00: Morning meeting - Day's program & possible activities
10.00-11.30: Common dance lessons: 7
11.15-12.15: Common dance lessons: 8
12.15-14.00: Lunch time
13.00-17.00: Free time with the possibility of private dance lessons, culture and own activities.
18.30-20.00: Dinner time
20.00….....: Posibility: Night dancing activities
Day 16:     Saturday March 30 - Santiago
07.00-08.30: Breakfast
08.30-19.00: Free time with the possibility of private dance lessons, culture and own activities.
19.00-23.00: GREAT Goodbye Party with Cuban dance assistants
Day 17:     Sunday March 31 - Santiago
07.30-08.30: Breakfast time
08.30-12.00: Free time own activities
12.00-13.45: Lunch time
13.15-16.00: Bus-tour, Santiago/Holguin Airport
16.00-18.10: Check in Holguin-Frankfurt
18.10….....: Departure Holguin to Franfurt
Day 18:     Monday April 1 - Frankfurt / Copenhagen
09.45…......: Arrival Frankfurt Airport
12.45-14.05: Departure Frankfurt Airport - Arrival Copenhagen Airport