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Join the Son & Salsa Camps Tours in Cuba 2022

The openings of the societies in Denmark, the Nordic Countries, Europe and Cuba are now slowly moving forward, so if everything goes as planed it should be possible to travel safely to Cuba again from the beginning of 2022, when the population, who wish to do it, are fully vaccinated, so there is heard immunity. Which I cout on.

Therefor I have decided to open up for the Son & Salsa Camp in Cuba tours with tree tours in the beginning of 2022 at the following dates:

Son Camp III in Cuba 2022, January 14-31, to Havana and Santiago. 
The Son Camp III in a contuniation of the Son Camp I & Son Camp II explore tours, where we will following the development of the Cuban Son from Santiago to Havana, which took place from 1900 and up til today.

Salsa Camp in Cuba 2022, February 4-21, to Havana/Viñales, Santiago and Baracoa
This will be a introduction tour to Cuba, where you will have the possibilities to expire the Cuban dans, music, culture and nature from the west to the East.

Salsa Canp in Cuba 2022, April 1-18, to Havana, Santiago and Baracoa.
This will mainly be a tour oriented participants, that had traveled with Salsa Camp Events before in Cuba, where there on the  will be time to go deeper in the dance, music, nature and culture meetings.

The tours are in preparation and waiting for Cuba to open up for tourismn again. So more information will follow!

But if you are interested to join some of the tours, you can already send me a mail or SMS now, so I can have you on my information list, and be able to inform you, as soon the sign up for the tours are announced at the webside www.salsacampevents.dk

Contact +45) 2323 5728 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You Can see highlight from the last Salsa & Son Camp in Cuba tours here:

Salsa Camp in Cuba 2019 in Havana

Son Camp II in Cuba 2020 in Santiago

Looking forward to provide you with more information about the tours

Best Son & Salsa Camp in Cuba 2022 regards
Carl - Tour Manager.