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Join the Son Camp in East-Cuba Tours

In February 2019 Salsa Camp Events made the first pioneer Son Camp Tour to Santiago, Guantanamo & Baracoa in East-Cuba, which is the origin and homeland for famous “El Son Cubano”

The tour was organized in cooperation with Yanek Revilla and Sabor DKY in Santiago and Bara-rumba in Baracoa. The objective of the tour was to investigate and explore the dance, music and culture roots of the Cuban Son by dancing

The tour was a great experience and success. 20 dedicatted son-lovers from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany participated together with Cuban son instructors, musicians, musicologist, culture- and dance experts.

In 2020 the explaration of the Cuba son roots continues with the following up tour - "Son-Camp II in East-Cuba" -
to Santiago and Baracoa from January 29 to February 14.

The tour includes 20 seats - where 19 seats already are sold - and there is now 1 seat left for a son lovers man.

If you are interested to join the tour - or if you are interested to hear more about the
coming Son Camp in East-Cuba tours?

Please contact me on: +45 2323572 / Denne e-mail adresse bliver beskyttet mod spambots. Du skal have JavaScript aktiveret for at vise den.

You can sign up for Son Camp II in East Cuba 2020 Tour here

See the hightlight from the Son Camp 2019 tour here

Best Son Camp regards

Carl  -  Tour-Manager