2. Draft 2 125 Program NSC Son Salsa Weekend Oct.1 2. 2022

Dear advanced and very advanced Cuban Son & Salsa Dancers

I am very happy to be able to invite you to participate in the 2´edition of the Nordic Salsa Camp  Cuban Son & Salsa Weekend – “Lets Play with the Music”, Oct. 1-2 at the Bymose Hegn Hotel & Kursus Center, which is located in Helsinge north of Copenhagen in beautiful surroundings.
Address: Bymosegårdsvej 11, 3200 Helsinge

The Son & Salsa Weekend is this year, oriented towards advanced and very Cuban Son dancer and Cuban Salsa dancers, where you can sign up for theCuban Son lineorthe Cuban Salsa line.

Further it is a great pleasure to be able to present for you the super popular Nordic Salsa Camp instructors Luis Duarte & Sofia de Endaya from Hamburg and Ausburg in Germany and Yohan Carrioso & Yailen Figueroa from Havana and Santiago de Cuba, now living in Frankfurt. 

Luis & Sofia will be the leading instructors on theCuban Son-lineand Yohan & Yailen will be leading instructors on theCuban Salsa-Line.

Lets play with the music!
The common theme for the Cuban Son & Salsa Weekend this year, is support in the best Camp style, that we get better to dance and have more fun by listening and playing with the music in practice” - For that reason, I have tried to make a coherent and very practice orientated dance program, where you will have the possibility to have fun by playing in practice with the main elements in the Cuban Son & Salsa/timba songs and music. – So, you can have a lot of new useable small toolbox materials and knowledge to put into your dance musicality toolbox. Which you just can look forward to.👍


The general program

Saturday, October 1
09.00-09.30:      Arrival & installation in rooms

09.30-10.00:      Welcome with presentation of instructors and dance program

10.00-10.45:      Workshop (son / salsa)

10.45-11.00:      Coffee break with fruit

11.00-11.30:      Common workshop son/salsa

11.45-12.45:      Workshop (son / salsa)

13.00-14.00:      Lunch buffet

14.00-15.00:      Workshop (son / salsa)

15.00-15.30:      Coffee break with cake & fruit

15.30-16.30:      Workshop (son / salsa)

16.30-18.30:      Siesta, social activities with access to swimming pool,

18.30-20.30:      Dinner with 3 menus

 20.30-21.30:     Pre-party activities

 21.30-01.30:     Son & Salsa Party - Dance, dance, dance - DJ´s Luis & Sofia

 Sunday, October 2:

 07.30-10.00:    Breakfast

 10.15-10.30:    Workshop (son / salsa)

 11.45-12.45:    Workshop (son / salsa)

 13.00-14.15:    Lunch buffet

 14.30-15.30:    Workshop (son / salsa)

 15.30-15.45:     Closure
  15.45-16.00:    Goodbye hugs & kiss

 The program thus includes:

  -  7 dance workshops & pre-party activities with Son Lounge / Rueda de Casino

  -  Super qualified teaching with max. 34 participants on each line with equal distribution
     between leader & followers.

  -  Accommodation in a double room or a single room - Or you can sign up as home resident

  -  Full board with lovely lunch buffet, 3 menu dinner and breakfast buffet
  -  Coffee, tea, cake, fruit, ice water & healthy snacks during the day

  -  Playground and social activities with access to sauna & swimming pool
  -  Son & Salsa dance party with DJ´s Sofia & Luis


Double room:   2.950  DKK  / 400 Euro

Single room:     3.250  DKK / 450 Euro

Home living:     2.550 DKK / 350 Euro

Sign up here – Max 17 couples on each line👍

You shall sign up on www.salsacampevents.dk at the Cuban Son Line or the Cuban Salsa Line with a dance partner at the same dance level. Please sign up as quickly as possible. Once your sign up is confirmed you will receive a mail with the link to pay your ticket on safeticket.dk to be paid latest 10 days after you have received the confirmation.😊

If you would like to pay in instalments (rater) then send me a mail to make an agreement.
If you can´t find a dance partner, then send me a mail on Denne e-mail adresse bliver beskyttet mod spambots. Du skal have JavaScript aktiveret for at vise den. for the waiting list, and I will try to help you to find a dance partner.

If you have any questions - Please send me a SMS or Mail

Looking forward to see you for a super lovely weekend!
The best Cuban Son & Salsa greetings

+45 23235728 /Denne e-mail adresse bliver beskyttet mod spambots. Du skal have JavaScript aktiveret for at vise den.